Spending 10 hours at Starbucks can be SO much fun.  Laura, Ronald and me went to the airport for some coffee after a night of clubbing and the lack of a proper afterparty. We got our first latte’s @ 5.15am. We left at 3.00pm. haha. But fun! Weird tourists, snobby girls and SNOW!

Oh and I need to rant:


~ by GJ on Saturday 22 March 2008.

3 Responses to “Starbucks”

  1. But what did you know? o.O

  2. That certain people would get together after I was past tense.

  3. That sounds nice. Did you also had a Frappuchino I had that the list time I was in London pretty nice for a cold coffee. I picked up my girlfriend and her sister from Rotterdam Airport their still no Starbucks 😦 But too much strange people too hehe. I hope they open a few soon in Rotterdam city or Dordrecht.

    Can’t wait for summer holiday to Greece and stopping at Starbucks Schiphol 😉

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