I’m annoyed.

At that guy for living all the way over there and me not being able to find out whether I really like him.
At myself for liking a guy all the way over there and maybe getting in way over my head.
At the pensionfund for paying me on friday.
At Eurolines for not having a bus in the afternoon.
At my friends for not living closer.
At my bankaccount for it’s balance.
At my mom for her moodswings and random comments.
At my brother for being an absolute twat.
At my bed for not being more comfy.
At my dvdremote for being gone.
At some people for not even replying to messages.

I’m in huge need of a cuddle.
But for now, i’m sure my CDs of Appleton, The Veronicas and The Wreckers will do.
They sure helped when I had these moods before, only they were specifically attached to guys or events. This isn’t but it’ll do.


~ by GJ on Monday 18 February 2008.

2 Responses to “Annoyed.”

  1. We would really like to live closer you know 😉

  2. I wish the bloody fucking same thing. I might need to make that happen earlier then expected.

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