I went to Pann On Tour last night. Pann is a hugely succesful party in Utrecht every month and now they’ve taken it on tour every first saturday of the month.
This month they settled down in Den Haag and Expreszo was again invited to promote itself.

So I putted on my shirt, tried to get some people to take a subscription and watched the crowds.
Never knew so many people could shop at the same store haha.
Cute boys weren’t all around and the interesting ones ofcourse went for far more hotter guys.
Hilarious how some of the boys nearing the end of the night sat sulking that they didn’t score… I mean I go out to go and have a good time, dance my ass off, drink some beer and party. Any cute boy that comes by is just an extra.

Still annoyed though that the one I liked was cuddly, but then went on to snog 2 other guys. Still going on a date with him though. Oh and I am in love with Kate Voegele’s album despite her sometimes weird way of using her singing voice.

Today is probably the day where I book my Eurotrip. Can’t wait.


~ by GJ on Sunday 3 February 2008.

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