Okay, I did go out last night. Bob persuaded me into beer @ Soho so I persuaded him into a beer in Arc first.
The beer didn’t taste that well, but atleast I got to wish Jasper a happy birthday and wish Diederik good luck on his first day(damn the boy still looks hot!)

Then we went into Soho where I basically got told off by Paulien and Manfred for not being around for two months. Hey, I had work to do, places to see and I just grew tired of seeing the same people around (not behind the bar!) all the time. But we had a good time with Strawberry Daiquiri’s (thnx Jeroen!), a chubby bear with a latex cap saying BOY and trying to get some seats…

Then moved on to You-II which was still fun. Saw some other people I hadn’t seen in a while, danced a bit and then went home.
I still love that walk home. iPod on and just get walking. It rained like hell but it couldn’t bother me.
It’s just a nice walk to clear my head, sing along, do my catwalk on Museumplein (I don’t care who sees) and get home..
Then dropped everything, putted on an episode of Stargate Atlantis and dozed off afterwards.
Good times.


~ by GJ on Saturday 5 January 2008.

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