Crying Love.

I adore “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. But lately I’ve been crying love. Crying from laughter, that is.
Some people are frickin’ hilarious!
I don’t quite get the whole thing where you actually pour your whole heart and soul in a MSN name.
Ofcourse, I’m always putting lyrics that kind of reflect my mood in there but putting things like OMG OMG I LOVE YOU TOO BABY FOREVER AND EVER YEAH BABAAAAAYYYY! just doesn’t really work for me.

So I kinda love seeing certain people go bananas, especially knowing from upclose how they take their time with sharing their feelings. Is it regret I never went for the opportunity? Hell no! It’s a feeling of relief I passed for the chance…

I hope he’s very very happy with this guy until the next one passes by and he hops onto that train. Because that’s one of the many reasons I never gave him the ticket for mine
Being nasty is so good for the head and soul sometimes.

[edit: the comedy continues with them fighting stuff out through their names. Who needs reality TV?]


~ by GJ on Monday 12 November 2007.

2 Responses to “Crying Love.”

  1. You have people in your msnlist who do that too?
    Maaaaannn, let me guess mostly underaged, in my list it’s mostly the hysterical chicks!
    (Secretly advertises fo own blog


  2. No honey, homosexuals. They tend to overdramatize things.

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