Don’t you love friends? It seems that if you don’t pass in front of their eyes every now and then, you are forgotten.
No texts, messages or even a ‘hey how are you?’.
Not that I really care in terms of functioning, luckily I’ve got plenty friends and fun to keep me going.
It just fascinated me.

Something that I do really give a shit about is the work I am hoping to do. Atleast that is if everyone involved can wrap their heads around making this a priority. In one particular case I feel that not all of the people are 100% committed. Trying to arrange a meeting which should’ve happened this week but now is pushed back THREE weeks, because we can’t all make it for two hours together; is annoying.

Now that I’m ranting: What’s up with kids (yes I am aware of my age) of 16 not wanting messages from guys above 20? How shallow is that? Thinking that because there’s a 2 in the age all they want is sex or can’t connect with them is só stupid. I’ve always felt I could get along better with people that are a bit older because they can actually hold a conversation and do more than care about eyeliner, the new Rihanna video and the gay you snogged in Gay Palace/You-II/Pann etc.
Ofcourse, there are exceptions on both ends but damn get out of your delirium.


I think this’ll do for tonight. I’m back to being a loner with my tv-series and iTunes.  Yeehaw!


~ by GJ on Tuesday 6 November 2007.

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