As you all know, I’m a huge TV-geek. I watch too many shows and keep up with all of them.
Sometimes I save shows up to watch them all in one row, because following 15 shows a week just doesn’t work.

This is the case with Entourage. When I worked in Fame, Chris got me to buy the first season and I got hooked. It’s bitsize comedy with a very good hook: 4 NY guys trying to live and work in Hollywood.

After leaving it alone for a long while, I recently got right back into the lives of Eric, Vince, Turtle and Johnny.
Season 2, 3 and what’s been aired of s4 have all been watched and it’s awesome! These guys tend to screw everything up, and still end up having an amazing time + career. But the show would be NOTHING without the most wonderful asshole on TV: Ari Gold.

Jeremy Piven plays the rude agent of leading star Vince Chase and he lives on insulting people.
From his gay assistent Lloyd to his daughter’s boyfriend to his wife, no one is safe from Ari’s foul mouth. But that’s why we love him…

So now I’m following up with another amazing payview channel production: Weeds. A bit more hunks and a rude bitch who loves insulting her fat daughter (do we spot a trend here? 😉 ).. bring it on!


~ by GJ on Sunday 12 August 2007.

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