Second post tonight. I guess I blog when i’m effed up. And I am.

I have never ever felt emotionally messed up. Until this night arrived.
Anger, disappointment, grief, heartache, love and confusement all mingle and clash in my head. It needs to go. Now.

Am this close to actually withdrawing money tomorrow and getting on that first train/bus to London if possible. Because I need to leave this place, pronto. Will be back though, but my head needs to stay away from Jeroen and Sjoerd and me and all the other things that are happening right now. Gawd, it’d be perfect if that would work tomorrow. Probably won’t.


~ by GJ on Thursday 9 August 2007.

One Response to “Messed.”

  1. I know how you feel, love for all it’s good points is a bitch. You’re always welcome over here, anytime mr.

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