Ever feel like being two persons in one body? That’s pretty much me at the moment. I feel like Dr Phil and one of his guests at the same time.

I’m figuring out people and their lives like it’s a sudoku but when it comes to my own, i seem to have lost all sense of math and logic.
It seems everytime I seem to have gained some selfcontrol; it slips with just one little answer. Because it started word-vomit about things I certainly did not want to know about in retrospective.

And now little GJ is sitting at home all confuzzled once again. Why can’t life just for once be simple? Oh and the best part, I’ve been set back a month mindstate-wise.
Also something that has returned: Jealousy and confusement about someone. He’s been a returning item for years now and seems to creep back in all the time. I do quite wonder what he has that I don’t. And why do I care?

Why am I even blogging when I know what it might or might not cause? Why am I being vague anyway when there is ONE thing that I truly want?

Oh fuck it. 


~ by GJ on Wednesday 8 August 2007.

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