Ljubljana #1

So here I am. Sitting in the lobby of our hotel waiting for the first official part of the schedule.

We arrived with a 90 minute delay around 13.50 at the airport, and as soon as Estonia and Latvia arrived we were taken to the hotel.

After a little hassle at the check-in (they didnt make any room arrangements beforehand), we were split up in rooms.
My roomie is Eduard, he´s 18 and from Riga… he´s quite cool and relaxed..
Looks cute, wears yellow tight boxers and nice bod LOL
He´s quite talkative and we managed to be annoyed bout the same things in the hotel so that´s good haha

After a little freshing up; Smahane, Femke and I decided to hit the town. It´s absolutely beautiful! A mix of old Balkan houses, with cement flats, art-deco stores and some amazing Rome-like architecture!
But our stomaches also wanted some attention so we stopped by McDonalds to get some food. It´s a lot cheaper than in Holland btw..
So we´re about to go meet the mayor.. all dressed up and ready to go 😉

Check back later and oh, COMMENTS please.
My phone isn´t working yet unfortunately.
And I´m doing a whole lot better than I thought I was.. thnx to the lovely Rabia for making me feel VERRRRRYYY good yday!

xxx GJ

After a sd


~ by GJ on Tuesday 26 June 2007.

3 Responses to “Ljubljana #1”

  1. He sweety!
    Good you are feeling good! was my goal yday ;D
    what is your off link for the log?the one you gave doesnt work.
    Im glad you are having a fun start there! keep us posted!

  2. Eduard from Riga… hmmmm! 😉

  3. Do I really have to response in English or is Dutch permitted?

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