Memories from a box.

Sorry for not blogging for a while. Just wasn’t bothered to write, while a lot of kickass things happened.

But let’s just start with today: I was cleaning up my room for a bit when i found one of two boxes I have with stuff like concert tickets, photos etc.
It’s all in there and when I see things like concerttickets from 2001..memories resurface.

Now I just have things scattered anywhere and I want them all together. So I might take up the art of scrapbooking (how housewivey). Or just put things in a book so that in a couple of years I’d have it all together.
Still funny how all these years went by..


~ by GJ on Wednesday 16 May 2007.

One Response to “Memories from a box.”

  1. Great isn’t it when you come by all those filed away memories? I like the randomness of putting them in boxes right now, although I did used to keep a scrapbook. They’re all the rage now I understand…;)

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