Me Being Me.

I had this very wonderful moment this morning.

I was walking home at 5.45 in the centre of Amsterdam. The sun was slowly awaking, the town was peaceful and so was I. While my PSP played Tyler Hilton’s You’ll Ask For Me, I just felt happy because I was being me. Just happy. 🙂

Earlier that night I went to the sneak with Bob and had a huge laugh when we kept inserting gay notions into Shooter (Mark Wahlberg’s new movie). Afterwards, we went for a drink @ SoHo to meet le boifriend who was busy working his butt off ❤

After a while, I came in contact with Tim. Tim = wow. I had never ever thought that one person in the world could be so much like me when it came to interests like series.
We clicked like amazing and we spent the whole fricking night talking about back nine’s, november sweeps, pilots and just wow. We went from the presendential election in 2008 to New Orleans to Veronica Mars to being in love.

Only downside to it was that I didn’t really pay attention to my boyfriend while he was in the same room as me + Tim. The feeling that I didn’t do the right thing in the situation only came when I woke up today, it didn’t just make me feel bad. It also made me feel good, because it meant that I have someone now. Jeroen’s my person.(gotta love Christina Yang) He is someone that I have to think about with everything I do. And I love that. Next week we’re together for two months, and it’s just great. I even find him attractive when he’s grumpy, go figure.

Now April is going to be fun. First up is the AFFF which I’ve been looking forward to for ages. We have good movies, a great location, can’t wait to see most volunteers again and a chance to work with Geordi again on ‘our’ counter will be fun. Also that week is the Scissor Sisters gig: INSANE party with Paulien, Mark, Aike, Bob, Nick and who the eff else will join us.
Queensday is soon to follow, but no plans yet!
After that, hopefully Jason will come and visit me. That MUST be fun. Period.

Let me finish by quoting Tyler Hilton’s new song (DOWNLOAD!)
 I am what you see. I am not what they say. But if I turn out to be, would you love me anyway?

 So that’s me. How are you?


~ by GJ on Wednesday 4 April 2007.

3 Responses to “Me Being Me.”

  1. I’ll certainly do the best I can. 🙂

    We’re heading to Stockholm in an hour, for the weekend. If I have any money left, Amsterdam’s on the cards for a weekend in May! Fun? Pretty would be guaranteed.

    I haven’t kept as close track on things with you for a good couple of weeks – I’m sorry about that – things have been hectic to put it mildly. Hopefully I’ll have more time to make from Tuesday onwards…xxx

  2. Eerst pijpen, dan gas!

  3. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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