I am actually not the one to judge here because I’m very easy to grab when it comes to hypes if it’s a good one.
But lately I’ve discovered one under my fellow gay idiots:
Bjorn Borg boxers.

 It’s like fricking Pokemon!!!! Every gay guys needs to have them all and in every colour. Barf.
usually the first rude question in a homo-convo with someone would be “Are you a top or a bottom?” Now it’s turned into ‘what colour of Bjorn are you wearing” as soon as they spot the elastic band popping up from under the jeans.

I understand that a guy needs to look very good in boxers, even I buy fancy boxers @ H&M but this hype is just weird. Why would you like to have every bloody colour of the most boring and standard boxers when there’s things like Aussiebum(go Jago with the Patriot!)?


~ by GJ on Sunday 4 March 2007.

One Response to “Hyped.”

  1. whahahaha, thnx babe 🙂

    Bjorn is evil

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