Sorry for the flood of posts, but I have been slacking on my blog duties lately.
One of the reasons is because I have a very cute sweet adorable (this is your cue to barf) boyfriend.
‘cos of him I just spent a lot more time outside of the house: going out, watching movies, eating pistache nuts.

He even caused me to be REALLY behind on my series which hasn’t happened since last summer when I didn’t have my DivX dvd player (ok the fact that 3 of my DVD-RW discs are at a friend might be a part of it too). Shocker. Even American Idol wasn’t watched the next morning, go figure.

But I really feel good being with him, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining huh? 😉


~ by GJ on Sunday 4 March 2007.

2 Responses to “Boyfriend.”

  1. If he makes you feel good then he’s doing something right that’s for sure. I’m happy to hear you happy – you deserve it! I look forward to meeting him soon, hopefully!

  2. like that is totally cool

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