I went to see +44 tonight with Sladja, Elisa and Sam in Paradiso. +44 is the new band of Mark and Travis from Blink 182.It was great fun as usual.
The music is great pop-punk with some fun lyrics and good guitar playing. The opening act The Tommys sucked majorly: they creeped me out and the singer lost her voice!
But then the lights dimmed again, band took the stage and played a great gig. Travis had an injury again so he played with one arm which was still awesome. We were lucky as he’s flying back to LA tomorrow and a friend will take over for the rest of the tour. The songs were all new to me but some were too good to not dance/singalong to(This isn’t just goodbye ,This is I can’t stand you!)  Just downloaded the CD so I’ll listen to it in bed tonight
Was great fun seeing my friends at a rock concert and goof the spork out, can’t wait for 30 Seconds To Mars (Jared Leto ❤ ) on the 3rd in Tivoli….

Official website: www.plusfortyfour.com


~ by GJ on Friday 19 January 2007.

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