Smallville season IV

 In the US season 6 is well underwat, but I just finished season 4 on DVD.
I never watched the series on TV but a very good friend gave me season 3 on DVD about 18 months ago and got me hooked on the show.
So when I saw s4 somewhere cheap last year I couldn’t resist picking up where I left.

Season 3 ended with Clark shooting up in the sky with a chick from Krypton.
As this season opens we meet Lois Lane who finds a naked Clark in a corn field. Yum.
Lois isn’t the sweet little Teri Hatcher, more a rude chick who sometimes just doesn’t know when to shut up. Also new this season is cutie Jensen Ackles as a love interest for Lana who isn’t quite who he seems.

Ofcourse the season has episodes which are mainly freak-of-the-week based, but they also venture away from it in more fun episodes. The subplot with Lana becoming a witch creates some great events and luckily the Luthor’s get less screentime with their family feud. The season finale was a nice episode, but because the buildup in previous episodes didn’t happen and the cliffhanger for season 5 wasn’t that awesome, it didn’t make you wanna watch season 5 right away. I’ll start soon though 😉

 Edit: 5×01 was a very good episode. Although some storylines were rushed to quickly end them, they did set up some interesting things. Chloe finally tells Clark that she know..what the f*** took her so long?


~ by GJ on Thursday 18 January 2007.

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