So 2006 wasn’t a great year in my lovelife except a couple of dates that were fun but never became anything. It’s always fun and stuff, but after 2/3 weeks of nice chatter they kinda don’t like you anymore.
And then they hang around in your online atmosphere, go date other guys; you see their great MSN names, hear about the new amazing boyfriend and you just hate yourself for not making that guy yours. But is it my fault or are they just really not the type of guy that falls for me? Does anyone actually fall for me except that one lovely ex which loses himself in booze and drugs… Makes me wonder if I just have a weird way of dating that people don’t like. Maybe I just need to get out more and date more? N’ah. I’ll stick with being that loner that stays in on Saturday night instead of partying.

Oh well, enough selfpity. Time for One Tree Hill.


~ by GJ on Thursday 18 January 2007.

2 Responses to “Dating.”

  1. *hug*

    Ur not alone,

    Adam didn’t return my msgs anymore, I guess that yet again my Dutch bluntness scared them off..

    Hang on tight buddy!

  2. OMG, I feel so bad for you :(! Just know, On every potje there’s a dekseltje! Maybe I can be your dekseltje. I’d love to have a private chat with you once. I’ve got a cam, so we can spice the chat up a little bit. Only when you’re in for it, off course. Hope to hear from you soon (K).

    Hugs & Kisses, Svenob!

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