Sophie Ellis-Bextor

She’s back! Although after the first few single I kinda lost interest, I’m so digging her new stuff…
Obviously the new single Catch You is a great song with guitars, fun lyrics and catchy (ha.ha.) music. The video is great too with Miss E-B strolling round Venice in a red dress. (single cover makes her look like a clone of Jolie and D. Minogue)

But slowly more tracks from Trip the light fantastic are leaking:
New York City Lights has a great start with the intro which is repeated a lot in the song and therefore becomes very remindable.
Colour Me In is something that could’ve been a Kylie song with the backing vocals and synthesizer.
Circles (Just My Good Time) had a fun dance vibe and the lyrics are quite cute.
Me and My Imagination (single#2) is the most bland song out of the bunch, It’s just the regular dance song you’d hear in every gay bar with the beat and strings. But it’ll probably be a hit.
Dear Jimmy still doesn’t quite ‘grab’ me but it’s a grower..
If You Go was my instant fave. It kind of reminds me of Alizee for some reason and the beat is very dancable. And doubling words to create a rhythm is always a major plus!
(just read that Xenomania did IYG…so no surprise i adored it)

Can’t wait for the full album and see if it’s as good as this bunch.
Here’s the video for Catch You:(im so loving the Youtube thing,i won’t abuse it promise)


~ by GJ on Wednesday 17 January 2007.

2 Responses to “Sophie Ellis-Bextor”

  1. Yeah!
    wat een lekker nummer! Great song!
    Hoop dat het een hit word! 😀

  2. Jezus lekker nummer man! Zit heelmaal te swingen:P Veel en veel beter dan Murder On The Dancefloor, en die vond ik al kikken! FF downloaden;)

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