MTV started another new docu-soap. After I followed 8th and Ocean last year and LOVED So You Think You Can Dance, this was right up my alley…
6 dancers trying to make it in LA. Drama, sweat and loadsa man-candy! 
First ep is just setting everything up. J.Lo is producing the thing and it revolves round 6 dancers who auditioned for a spot as her backup dancer.

We got introduced to all 6 cuties and saw their moves.
Blake(3rd from right) is überhot and the most succesful (arrogant) of the bunch but I like him!
Take a look at the trailer on YouTube!


~ by GJ on Wednesday 17 January 2007.

3 Responses to “Dancelife.”

  1. Blake ruuuuules

  2. Ja, beetje vaag dat ie Janet’s World tour heeft afgezegd voor zn eigen carriere LMAO!

  3. lol, dit is fun! waaneer begint het weer? weet jij vast wel;) Ik heb Blake trouwens gezien volgens mij..zo’n gezichtje vergeet je niet snel:P Maar kan het mis hebben..J. Lo iig wel gezien:P hah kusje Jon!

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