Seen it tonight in the Sneak with Geordi.
I saw the cast at Oprah, so I knew what the movie was about.
Great cast with great chemistry but not a lot to work with. It’s just another movie about a historic event without showing the actual person until the end.

Bobby revolves around several people staying in the Ambassador Hotel on June 6, 1968 on the night of the Senator Robert F. Kennedy‘s death. A kitchen help who can’t get the night off to go see a baseball game, a man with a drunken megastar wife he is afraid to leave, two boys on their first LSD trip and a girl who marries a boy to make sure he doesn’t go to war.

They all have troubles and doubts about their lives, encountering problems they should solve.  It’s sweet and all, but all it’s leading up to is the death of the Senator and the way you hope it would affect them. Unfortunately, that last part is handled in a quick montage with a speech of Kennedy as audio.
The cast does a great job with each other:
Sharon Stone and Demi Moore share a fab scene, Joshua Jackson(still Pacey to me) is back with a ‘adult’ role and although i still love my Lohan, Lindsay just again proves she can’t act properly. Elijah Wood (will he ever get rid of the Hobbit label?) wipes her off the screen in the scenes they share. Anthony Hopkins couldn’t decide on which accent to use and it was nice seeing Helen Hunt + Martin Sheen together.

Nice movie, but not that memorable.



~ by GJ on Wednesday 17 January 2007.

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