American Idol!

American Idol is back! yay!

Last night the adventure started in Minneapolis with 2 hours of auditions.
Jewel was the guest judge but really was so useless except for the first girl who was a fan.
Loved Simon’s little gag about every contestant grabbing the wrong door..

Not a lot of great talent, nor a lot of great idiots. Let’s hope it’ll get better soon!
Crack baby didn’t grab my attention, Navy guy was cute. The boss who flew his secretary out: wow that’s insane!
Everyone apparently likes Sarah, but I was more likin Perla..
Juggler guy was dead funny 😉 and the Idol BFF girl too.
Only 17 through on 10.000 auditionees, ouch!
Ever since the liveshows of X Factor started I’ve been craving for the perfection of American Idol. Although XFA has the most amazing tv-set I’ve seen in our country for ages, it just lacks the oomph. Wendy sure doesn’t know how to make you get on the edge of your seat when she announces who is safe from elimination, the jury is boring and the sound is crap. So bring on more Ryan (Seacrest OUT! ❤ ) , Paula , Randy and Simon Cowell.


~ by GJ on Wednesday 17 January 2007.

3 Responses to “American Idol!”

  1. Don’t you mean Randy and Simon instead of Ryan and Simon?

  2. C’est vrai. 😉

  3. Yeah!
    Kan het helaas niet zien!…Downloaden werkt ook nie echt!
    Kijk alweer uit naar de Nederlandse Idols! Maar eerst X Factor! 😀

    Greetz Frank

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